Friday, 16 December 2011


WOHOO..!My I done my 1st sem..! Wee..=) Hope the best for my result and also for all of my friends.Hmmm..1st sem alot of things happened..just too much things and way too hard to take nor leave it.Hmmm thx alot to my friends always be with me all the time..Thx a word will not enough to thank you guys anyway THX..! =) Okay, Jeevan i know you always pissed with me i know that very well and i apology for that.I know thing happened alot between us and things are just not in control..Hmm thank God now all done..all is well..=) Jeevan i know i easily get emo..i know..and the reason i get emo easily is because im in fear,im scared i vl loose you and i dun feel secure...seriously and coz of this you are true im losing myself..all the while this feel does not in my heart..just do not know from where this fear came in..Hmmm sometimes i do wish just to give up and walk away like that,but i dun want to coz i love you.So many heart breaks happened(i know i hurt u too) i just love you more and i dun wish to give up in this.Hmmm i asked and im begging this from you many time,pls dun hide stuff from me and share with me every single bit and everything that happened in you.You told bf and gf  cnt share everything with them,that your view but actually if you do share things is different.Hmmm share with me i seriously beg that from you and i seriously promise to you i will control my emotions and talk to as how you want from me.Hmm spending time with you and the chances that i get is way to less,talking in the phone also no, text you also you will reply me late..hmmm i know you are a busy guy its ok.Im already okay with it.=) Hmmm i dunno you felt how i  felt.. the moment i look at phone  which not even one minutes pass just to read you messages,the moment of waiting for your message for few hours,the moment i really wanna spend time with you,the moment i need you badly,the moment i need a hug from you, the moment i really want to meet like i cant meet you after this,the moment i miss you so damn much,the moment i wished you wipe off my tears,the moment to get a kiss from you and be there for you when you need..Hmmm all this my yekam which sometimes do make me cry also.Hehe..I dunno but i feel that i do tolerant with you alot of things.Really hope we can be like other couples..=)Amen.I know you will tell all i want must happen..hmmm not like that lar actually..certain things i just wish to happen thats all.Hehe sorry give you pressure. I have wrote this long time ago and finally i posted it..LOL..=) Loves <3