Thursday, 27 February 2014

Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho

   Initially had so much to say but in a second everything just flew away and my mind was recalling about what had happened. Yes is already 2014 and just in a blink of eye many things just went out of control and indeed things went worst. It was my fault...hmmm i was too too impatient and things went upside down and ended with a break up. I thought i will be fine since i been through once but the fact the pain is still the same. When someone in a stage of doesn't know how much actually the person loving you, is kinda sad. I didn't doubt on your love just i dunno how much. The moment where you promise that you won't leave me after this and i really really truly happy be with you. I really feel everything just pay off and at last i'm with you. At the same time, i really dunno how much you want to be with me, is it as much as how i want to be with you? I know whatever i said now no point already. I'm really sorry. Really sorry.
    These few days again been thinking about you so so much. Again not i wanted to but my mind went into you again. Almost everyday looking into what's app chat box, hoping there will be a message from you. Looking at your photo. I dunno why am i doing this, i guess i won't have another chance to be with you again in future. I don't deserve another chance from you. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful moment in life and teach me how love will be. I dunno what i will be doing in future, should i say i still hope i can be with you someday and marry you. I dunno why i loved you so much. Honestly i dunno, or you wanna say it as is my lust go ahead. I only know i love you truly and purely. I wanna treasure this till end of my life...end of life. I mean it deyh not for fun....
      Why can't we fight for this? Why when things went wrong we ended up in break up? It's hurting...really hurt.. We always been like this or we really not meant to be..? I dunno. I dunno am i able to let you go...I dunno am i able to do so...I don't think i can do it.. You gave me too much, as a girl i really can't. You gave me so many thing to recall thank you. I be waiting..sorry. I won't cry i will be in a place where you want me to be always. Maybe that time i able to get your love one day. I hope one day i can meet you someday..This year is my 21st birthday, blessed. Only one thing actually i hoping from you, of course not get back to you, i know no matter i wished for it also i still unable to get it. All i wished for my 21st from you is a call from you..That seriously and truly will made my day.Lastly, i'm sorry, i can't erase the love i have for you. Love you always. Take good care and god bless you always and be happy. :)